Open Source Organics – Mural

Painted a mural of one of my illustrations at Open Source Organics Wellness Bar in Hollywood, California. dopework-mural-paiting-open-source-organics-mural-04 dopework-mural-paiting-open-source-organics-mural-11 dopework-mural-paiting-open-source-organics-mural-09 dopework-mural-paiting-open-source-organics-mural-08 dopework-mural-paiting-open-source-organics-mural-19 dopework-mural-paiting-open-source-organics-mural-17 dopework-mural-paiting-open-source-organics-mural-16 dopework-mural-paiting-open-source-organics-mural-02 dopework-mural-paiting-open-source-organics-mural-05 Open Source Organics is a franchise of fresh organic juice of vegetables, fruits, superherbs, and superfoods of the highest quality. The juice is served in glass as plastic is known to contain toxic chemicals. The goal is to provide people with a healthy choice in a society where unhealthy foods are the norm. As cancer, diabetes and brain degenerative diseases are on the rise, many people are healing themselves outside of the western medical system by connecting back with nature to acquire a life balance. View the website + photography I did for them.